Tuesday 25 October 2011

Another World - Mini Review

A classic game makes an amazing comeback.

Most computer enthusiasts who have been exposed to technology for at least twenty years will have heard of a groundbreaking game called ‘Another World’ in which you played a scientist mistakenly propelled into another dimension where you have to survive and find your way home. The graphics were amazing for the time and the gameplay extremely rich with a great storyline. If you hanker back to the pioneering days of computer games, you may love to know that Another World is now available on iOS and will work on any recent iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

The touch controls are very well integrated and responsive. The puzzles can get extremely frustrating at times as there’s only a limited number of ways to get out of a particular problem, but the program tries to help you by showing you which action you need to perform to avoid meeting an untimely death again - at least for that particular obstacle.

The graphics have been updated but they still keep the vintage pixelated feel of the original (although you do have the option of using the original graphics if you like.) If you enjoy puzzle games that are hard to put down, you’ll love Another World whether you’re an old guard or a newcomer to the tech world.

This review was taken from my IT page "Everything is Pixelated", published in the local paper, The Roundabout. You can download the full page, along with all other articles, here

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